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Tai Wah minced pork noodles came from humble beginnings with a tale of survival of a southern Chinese young man driven by poverty, wars, and hunger to migrate to Nanyang ( South East Asia). The late Mr Tang Joon Teo (Old Mr Tang) came to Malaya and then finally settled down in the Straits Settlement of Singapore. In Singapore, to satisfy his desire for the taste of his hometown and to bring the familiar taste of home to his fellow Chinese, and to make a decent living for himself, he started Tai Wah Teochew Minced Pork Noodles in 1939 at Taiwah Coffee Shop at Hill Street, Singapore. His relentless pursue to develop, horn the noodles, cooking to minute precision and the secret concoction recipe of chilli and vinegar. Unfortunate events broke out in 1942, World....

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28th February 2023

[美食篇] 芳林巴剎與熟食中心(Hong Lim Market & Food Centre)有好多出名嘅food stall, 港爸今次介紹另一間名店「大華肉脞面」。 肉脞面 (Bak Chor Mee) 其實即係豬肉碎麵,係新加坡熟食中心入面好普遍嘅美食。材料有醋、肉碎、瘦肉、豬肝、肉丸和炸豬油,「大華」嘅再加咗雲吞和炸江魚仔。 係新加坡食麵通常會問你要「乾」或「湯」,港爸就比較鍾意乾麵;另外亦會問你要咩麵,原來新加坡有十幾種唔同種類嘅麵條! 港爸今次嗌咗Mee pok (面薄), 類似香港嘅粗麵,食落爽滑彈牙,帶有廣東麵嗰種鹼水和蛋味。瘦肉爽口、豬潤軟熟、肉丸彈牙、炸豬油香口、雲吞飽滿、炸江魚仔帶有獨特苦味,再加上醬汁少少酸少少辣,成碗麵食落口感非常豐富! 另外,好多人會將「大華肉脞面」和係Hill Street嘅「大華豬肉粿条面」混淆,連當地人都成日搞錯,另一間嘅老闆之前仲登報澄清兩間係冇關係的。Hill Street那間亦都非常出名,將來有機會都會試。 大華肉脞面 Tai Wah Pork Noodle Block 531A, Upper

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